European Bead Charm Bangle Bracelet

European Bead Charm Bangle Bracelet
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Do you have an upcoming family gathering and you wanted to impress your distant relatives and family members? If you still haven't prepared, then here's the European Bead Charm Bangle Bracelet to complete your ensemble. This bracelet accessory is beautiful, simple, elegant, and trendy. It's a timeless piece that will surely match any outfit for any occasion. It also makes an excellent gift for both men and women from teens and beyond.

Moreover, this stunning metallic accessory has an inside perimeter of 2.56 inches. It is not only highly-adjustable, but it is also medically safe to wear because it's made of high-quality copper that is hypoallergenic. Our professional craftsmen made each bracelet to look like a cuff accessory with beads on each end. The beaded ends have magnetic properties to bring balance back to our bodies. It also aids to achieve better sleep, lose weight, and improve reflexes.

It is also crucial to know that this bracelet will eventually tarnish and discolor. To avoid this, ensure that you clean this bracelet frequently. Use toothpaste, freshly-squeezed lemon, or vinegar to clean the bracelet. Brush it with a clean toothbrush with soft bristles until all dirt and residues are gone. Then, wipe it with cotton or a soft towel. Alternatively, you can dampen a piece of cloth with lemon or vinegar and use it to clean the bracelet. Avoid washing this accessory with water to prevent the cuff bangle from breaking. Store in an air-tight container away from high temperature and humidity. Apply a clear nail polish for added shine and layer of protection.

Now, we know that some family members, let alone relatives, are hard to please. But with this European Bead Charm Bangle Bracelet, you can make them feel your success. We guarantee that it will leave them with a great impression of you. Order now and let things fall into place!

Color Silver
Materials Copper
Length 2.56 inches (Width)
Design and Style 1-piece balance bracelet, aesthetically pleasing, intricately designed features


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