Filigree Bull Charms for Bracelet

Filigree Bull Charms for Bracelet
  • Filigree Bull Charms for Bracelet
  • Filigree Bull Charms for Bracelet
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Do you love bulls? Perhaps you consider yourself as a bull because of your aggressive behavior? Whether you like them or they are your inner animal, you will surely love these Filigree Bull Charms for Bracelet! These precious charms are the perfect addition to the jewelry you are working on.

Our Bull Charms for Bracelets are either made from silver or bronze. These materials were intricately designed and turned into the shape of a bull's head and horns. They were also perfectly polished because they went through a grinding procedure. This process helps improve the refection and luster of the jewelry. These charms were oxidized to darken their colors and to give them an heirloom-quality look.

Our Filigree Bull Charms are an excellent addition to your customized bracelets. Not only do they give the jewel that "oomph" factor you've been looking for; they add a classic appeal to the accessory. So, if you want to own a piece of vintage-inspired jewelry, then these charms are your best choice!

Cleaning these elegant bull charms is easy-breezy. But before doing so, you need to be mindful of what materials you should use in polishing these pendants. That is because not all cleaning agents and tools work on every piece of jewelry. Some may even make the jewel's condition worse if you don't know what materials to use.

When cleaning the silver-based bull charm, you need to use a q-tip to remove the dirt. Use a back-and-forth movement when polishing this pendant to prevent scratches.

As for the bronze-plated bull charm, you need to apply a small amount of paste wax using a soft brush. Let the wax dry, then buff it with a soft cloth.

When you're done, put the pendants in an airtight container to preserve their natural, lustrous shine.

Now that you know all these pieces of information, there's one thing left for you to do - get our Filigree Bull Charms for Bracelet now!

Color Antique Silver, Antique Bronze
Materials Metal, Zinc Alloy
Length 1.97 inches
Design and Style Bull-shaped pendants with silver or bronze filigree


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