Floral Glass Ball Charms for Bracelets

Floral Glass Ball Charms for Bracelets
  • Floral Glass Ball Charms for Bracelets
  • Floral Glass Ball Charms for Bracelets
  • Floral Glass Ball Charms for Bracelets
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Have a piece of nature with you anywhere you go, by adding this Floral Glass Ball Charms for Bracelets to your bracelet.

During a stressful day, the sight of a pretty and captivating flower can be quite relaxing and refreshing to the eyes. If keeping a vase of fresh flowers is quite too much for you, then here's the next best thing. This Floral Glass Ball Charms for Bracelets has a natural dried flower inside its shiny and polished glass ball. A copper-alloy wire is looped and coiled above so that you can easily attach it to your chain bracelet or your necklace. If you like making DIY accessories during your spare time, then these charms will undoubtedly give your pieces a fresh new look.

The red petals of this lovely crimson flower are very well preserved inside this glossy glass ball that measures 0.47 inch in diameter. This can also be attached to a choker and can be placed on a garment for an extra touch of pizzazz. This dried flower's small stems give the charm a fractal appearance.

According to scientists, looking at fractals can induce stress-reduction, helping you to feel calm and relaxed, thus making you feel rejuvenated so that you can do more. If you have a friend or relative who adores nature just as much as you do, then perhaps you can make her an accessory to remember you by.

Keep these charms pristine by taking good care of them. Clean them occasionally by briefly washing them with mild liquid detergent and water. If there are stubborn residues on the glass, you can use a soft toothbrush to scrub the surface gently. Thoroughly dry these charms with a clean, soft cotton cloth. Keep them in an airtight container with a small pack of silica gel to keep them away from moisture.

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Color Clear / Red
Materials Glass / Dried Flower / Copper alloy
Length 0.47 inch (diameter)
Design and Style Small clear glass sphere charm with red dried flower inside

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