Galaxy - Men's Beaded Bracelet

Galaxy - Men's Beaded Bracelet
  • Galaxy - Men's Beaded Bracelet
  • Galaxy - Men's Beaded Bracelet
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Raise your hands up if you are a geek through and through! This exquisite piece of jewelry will make you fall in love with our solar system a little bit more. If you love astronomy and are a true science geek, then the Galaxy - Men’s Beaded Bracelet will bring out the inner astronomer in you!

This beautiful and interactive wrist accessory is made up of several natural stone beads, zinc alloy metal charms, and a rope chain. Zinc alloy is one of the strongest metal alloy combinations and is suitable to use in making lovely bracelets. This bracelet has a design of black beads and differently-colored beads that serve as the planets of the solar system.

Moreover, this Galaxy - Men’s Beaded Bracelet comes in two different variations. The first variant is the Black Elastic Bracelet which consists of the several black natural beads, two golden star charms, as well as white, blue/green, red, gold, black, yellow with a gold ring, sky blue, and dark blue round beads representing the planets of the solar system.

This bracelet also has a length of 7.28 inches that has an elastic string around the bracelet.

Furthermore, our Galaxy - Men’s Beaded Bracelet has a second variant, which is the Brown Adjustable Bracelet. Likewise, this bracelet measures at 7.28 inches, with an adjustable knotted rope chain enclosure. This can fit any size of a man’s wrist because of its flexibility.

The design of this bracelet consists of black-colored beads, two golden star charms, and differently-colored and differently-sized bead charms that constitute the planetary members of the solar system. Wear this unique piece of jewelry to your next party, family gathering, or company outing!

You will never go wrong with our Galaxy - Men’s Beaded Bracelet. Order yours now!

Color Multi-Color
Materials Zinc Alloy, Natural Stone Beads, Rope Chain
Length 7.28 inches
Design and Style A hip and cool men’s bracelet that is made from zinc alloy charms, natural stone beads, and rope chain that comes in two different variations


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