Glittery BFF Heart Best Friend Bracelets

Glittery BFF Heart Best Friend Bracelets
  • Glittery BFF Heart Best Friend Bracelets
  • Glittery BFF Heart Best Friend Bracelets
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If a simple affirmation of friendship is not enough, then seal it with a token of promise using our Glittery BFF Heart Best Friend Bracelets!

Letting your BFF feel loved and cherished has just gotten a lot more stylish! Give your best friend a piece of your heart by giving this Glittery BFF Heart Best Friend Bracelets as a present during her birthday or for no reason at all. This symbolic yet alluring link chain bracelet's material is zinc alloy, polished to perfection to acquire a sleek and elegant appearance.

To make this accessory prettier, a half-heart multi-colored charm is added at the center. The charms on each bracelet fit perfectly when joined together. What's also great about this is that you can adjust the length according to your wrist size. It is 7.09 inches long and can be extended up to 1.97 inches more. You can attach the lobster claw clasp to any chain as you see fit. The pendant has dimensions measuring 1.10 inches by 0.98 inches.

Aside from the multi-color charm, there is a small zinc alloy charm attached to the bracelet where the letters "BFF" are engraved. Watch your BFF's eyes glimmer with joy as she unwraps the gift and sees this exquisite bracelet right before her eyes. Wear this bracelet with pride as you both celebrate a friendship to last for a lifetime.

This accessory can be easily cleaned or polished. Dab a small amount of non-gel toothpaste on the bracelet and brush it with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Make sure to rinse it vigorously and remove all the toothpaste residue. Wipe it dry and keep it in its storage for safekeeping. It is also advisable to keep this separately from other accessories of other materials.

A friend you can trust can be hard to find. Let your BFF feel the warmth of your appreciation by adding this bracelet into your cart now!

Color Silver / Multi-color
Materials Zinc alloy
Length 7.09 inches (length)
Design and Style Set of two chain link bracelets with half-heart charms


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