Gold Chain Baby Bracelet

Gold Chain Baby Bracelet
  • Gold Chain Baby Bracelet
  • Gold Chain Baby Bracelet
  • Gold Chain Baby Bracelet
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Your sweet, innocent-looking baby looks like a cherub except he or she doesn’t have a pair of little wings! Cute and adorable, a baby doesn’t actually need any accessory to grab attention because his or her heart-warming giggles and sparkling round eyes are like a magnet. But what if we told you there’s a bracelet that would complement the cuteness? You’ll surely fall in love with our Gold Chain Baby Bracelet because you know your baby will really look like a little angel with it.

The size is around five inches including its extended chain for the baby to grow with. Hence, a newborn can wear it until he or she turns four or five years old. Although the curb chain is kept simple and minimalistic, it’s undeniably looking elegant.

Right in the middle is a smooth, clean-looking plate which comes in three options. One is plain, another bears the words “MY LOVE”, while the other has the words “MY BABY”. You can trust that the lobster clasp is reliable.

A baby’s skin is delicate and sensitive, and babies having skin irritation is a nightmare to parents. So, we’ve made sure that this bracelet will not harm your baby’s smooth, soft skin because it’s free from nickel and lead.

A cute baby girl or a baby boy can wear this dainty bracelet with just about any baby clothing! Be playful and show off your knack for fashion by dressing up your little one! Is your baby invited to attend a kiddie party or a costume party? Put this on your cutie patootie’s wrist!

This baby bracelet boasts three layers of 18K gold plating, ensuring that it will keep its gold shine and luster for many years. It surely is a quality baby bracelet that comes at a fraction of cost. Grab now!

Color Gold
Materials 18K Gold-Plated Copper
Length 5.71 inches
Design and Style Baby bracelet with metal plate


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