Gold Chain Link Tube Ankle Bracelet

Gold Chain Link Tube Ankle Bracelet
$18.99 $37.99

When looking to add flair to that sky-high side slit of your dress, this Gold Chain Link Tube Ankle Bracelet will give that elegant touch you’re looking for.

The simple, minimalistic chain is accentuated by a tube with a slight curve. Crafted from zinc alloy, a premium metal that is known for its strength, this bracelet is durable and rustproof. It dazzles with its gold finishing that will not tarnish and fade in just a few uses.

Size does matter, that is why an extended chain, about 2 inches long, is attached to the ankle chain which is 7.87 inches in length. To ensure that it won’t slip off your ankle, it’s built with a strong lobster claw clasp that is easy to open and close. Simply work the small lever with gentle pressure to open it, then hook the claw into one of the loops when you’ve found the perfect fit. Release the lever and the bracelet is already secure.

Get those black pumps ready and don yourself with a mini black dress or a red mini skirt. Complete the look by having this delicious piece of jewelry wrapped around your ankle. We’re pretty sure you’ll be walking with confidence while enjoying the admiration of the gents. Other ladies would get out of your way for fear of looking so ordinary when standing next to you. Kill the competition, and let yourself stand out beautifully!

Just remember not to mix it up with silver accessories and you’ll be fine. If you’re planning to wear it with trendy flipflops or glamorous high-heeled sandals, make sure that your feet are well-groomed and your toes are pedicured. Who would like to draw attention to her feet if the toes are not well-kept? But you’re one fine lady, and you won’t let this fashion disaster happen to you!

This bracelet will also look great with a sexy pair of tight jeans or with just about any outfit that leaves your ankles bare. Glam up with this chic, classic anklet. Buy now!

Color Gold
Materials Zinc Alloy, Acrylic
Length 7.87 inches + 1.97 inches extender chain
Design and Style Golden ankle bracelet with U-tube accent


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