Green Stone Jade Bracelet

Green Stone Jade Bracelet
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The color green has been associated with the renewal of energy, life, nature, and abundance. Green also symbolizes money, growth, harmony, fertility, and ambition. If you are currently in a dark place and longing for a dose of inspiration and positivity, then this Green Stone Jade Bracelet is suitable for you.

Semi-precious stones have been used by people all over the world to enhance their health and well-being. And, one of the most remarkable gemstones is the green jade, which is very popular in China, where it originated. Green jade can aid in improving your emotional and physical health. Another benefit of green jade is that it aids in the removal of toxins and excess fluids and, at the same time, balancing the ratio of water to salt and the body’s pH.

If you are convinced of the green jade’s benefits to your body, then get your hands on our Green Stone Jade Bracelet. This lovely piece is made of approximately 24 pieces of round green jade gemstones that are strung together with a single elastic string. And, because it is flexible and stretchy, it can fit any wrist size of up to a maximum of 7.09 inches. But just to be sure, you can also measure your own wrist by taking your trusty tape measure and wrapping it around your wrist. Once you get a number less than 7.09 inches, then this will definitely fit you.

Cleaning your gemstone bracelet is very easy. If dirt has accumulated, then you can just use your old soft toothbrush to clean it. You can also just do some common dusting with a lint-free cloth for regular maintenance and polishing.

Improve your health and have prettier wrists at the same time by ordering our Green Stone Jade Bracelet today!

Color Green
Materials Green semi-precious jade stone
Length 7.09 inches
Design and Style A classic green jade gemstone bracelet 


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