Hamsa Hand Evil Eye Bracelet

Hamsa Hand Evil Eye Bracelet
  • Hamsa Hand Evil Eye Bracelet
  • Hamsa Hand Evil Eye Bracelet
  • Hamsa Hand Evil Eye Bracelet
  • Hamsa Hand Evil Eye Bracelet
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Give yourself a retro vibe while protecting yourself from bad omens with this Hamsa Hand Evil Eye Bracelet! This accessory has an alluring look that nobody would suspect you were wearing it for protection.

The Hamsa Hand Eye Bracelet has the word, "vintage" written all over it. Its chain is made from two materials: a nylon thread and a rope. The nylon-string serves as the primary chain as it is where the beads and wooden rings are strung together. The rope - on the other hand - holds the hamsa hands and the biggest pendant.

At the center of every hamsa hand, you will find an evil eye, which comes in different colors. It means it's not only giving you protection from evil spirits for you can get more to it. You can attract good karma and fate, boost your courage, and may even improve your health.

The best part? It amps up your retro style! Wear this around your wrist when you're attending a 70s-themed party. We guarantee you; everyone will look at your bracelet, admiring its pretty look.

Alternatively, you can put it on while you're in your Boho ensemble. It's the perfect addition to complete the Bohemian vibe...or you can wear it with your favorite laidback outfit. This accessory will give an "oomph" factor to your get-up.

Our Hamsa Evil Eye Bracelet is available in an array of colors. We have candy red, deep black, glistening white, and multicolored bracelets. Choose a color that fits your style and your personality.

So, why get an ordinary and expensive bracelet when you can have an accessory that not only improves your overall look but also protects you from harm? With this Hamsa Hand Evil Eye Bracelet, you have nothing to ask for as it has everything you need in an accessory and more!

Color Red, Black, White, Multicolor
Materials Pendant/Beads: Plastic, Wood, Alloy
Chain: Nylon Thread, Rope
Length 7.87 inches
Design and Style Boho bracelets with beads and wooden rings stringed into the nylon thread and hamsa evil eye pendants looped into the rope and a big evil eye pendant


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