Hand-carved Natural Green Jade Bracelet

Hand-carved Natural Green Jade Bracelet
  • Hand-carved Natural Green Jade Bracelet
  • Hand-carved Natural Green Jade Bracelet
  • Hand-carved Natural Green Jade Bracelet
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Do you want to enhance your heart chakra? Perhaps you want to get rid of all spiteful energies around you? You can get all these benefits and more when you get our Hand-carved Natural Green Jade Bracelet!

This healing stone has many emotional and spiritual properties that may help in improving your overall well-being. One of the benefits of this stone is that cleanses your energy field. It helps remove all sorts of negativity in your mind and body. Furthermore, it also supports and balances your heart chakra; thus, promoting self-love and love for others.

But that's not the only purpose of this precious stone. Since it's in the form of a bangle bracelet, this enchanting bling can also help enhance your overall look!

Want to level up your Bohemian-inspired outfit? Slip it on your wrist to enhance that Boho vibe!

Perhaps you're about to attend a gala night? Pair it with your beige or white gown to add more elegance to your chic look!
Or maybe you want to add an "oomph" factor to your boring office uniform? Wear it around your wrist, and you will see a noticeable change in your look! So, whatever style you are going for, this bangle bracelet will add flair to your outfit.

But no matter how enchanting and mesmerizing this handcrafted accessory is, it still needs proper care and maintenance. Otherwise, it would lose its charm, and of course, its healing abilities.

To do this, you need to rinse it with warm, soapy water, then pat it dry with a soft, clean cloth. Store it in a compartmentalized jewelry box to prevent damage and to preserve its healing properties.

Enhance your loving energy and ward off negative entities in style. Buy this Hand-carved Natural Green Jade Bracelet now!

Color Green
Materials Green Jade Stone
Length XXS: 2.08-2.13 inches
XS: 2.13-2.20 inches
S: 2.20-2.28 inches
M: 2.28-2.36 inches
L: 2.36-2.44 inches
XL: 2.44-2.52 inches
Design and Style Bangle bracelet made from green jade


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