Heart Charm Bangle - Love Bracelet

Heart Charm Bangle - Love Bracelet
  • Heart Charm Bangle - Love Bracelet
  • Heart Charm Bangle - Love Bracelet
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Be a woman of class and style by wearing a graceful piece of jewelry around your wrist. Welcome the Heart Charm Bangle – Love Bracelet and let people who see it be enthralled upon laying their eyes on your adorned wrist.

Wear it when you want to be queenly especially on occasions where you need to look regal and majestic. The Heart Charm Bangle – Love Bracelet looks splendid with its heart charm feature. Going to a charity ball, a gala night, a wedding, an opera, or simply going out on a date with someone you want to charm? Put this magnificent piece of jewelry on your wrist for a magical transformation.

The bangle is made of zinc alloy with gold plating. Slip it in your hand, and the heart will part into halves to accommodate your hand through it. Once you’ve slid your hand in, the halves will come together and be one again. Wearing it is that easy thanks to its spring-ring clasps! Half of the heart is sanded while the other polished to make it look more intriguing. You’ll exude with feminine elegance with its classic and simple design.

Zinc alloy is a durable material yet it is surprisingly lightweight. This metal is also hypoallergenic, so you won’t have to worry about any allergic reactions despite its prolonged use. Like any fine piece of jewelry that you have, you wouldn't want its surface scratched, so proper care will preserve its natural shimmer. You can regularly clean it by wiping it with a soft piece of cloth. To preserve its color, store it in a shaded area away from the sun.

If you’re one who’s looking for a gift for a special woman in your life, this is the perfect present. Complement her beauty with this stunning piece and you’ll be greatly appreciated for this grand gesture.

Color Gold
Materials Zinc Alloy
Length N/A
Design and Style Bangle with spring-ring-clasps


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