Heartbeat Charms for Bracelet

Heartbeat Charms for Bracelet
  • Heartbeat Charms for Bracelet
  • Heartbeat Charms for Bracelet
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Express your love for someone in a stylish way by putting our Heartbeat Charms for Bracelet to your DIY accessory. It's a unique way of telling your special someone that your heart skips a beat because of her.

Our Heartbeat Charms add more "oomph" factor to your bracelet as opposed to heart-shaped pendants. Furthermore, it gives a personal touch to the accessory as it symbolizes your heartbeat.

The heartbeat-shaped pendant is made from zinc alloy. This material is widely used in making charms and jewelry because of its versatility and affordable price.

This material went through several procedures after they were formed into a heartbeat. First, the charms underwent a polishing process to smoothen their finish and to improve their reflection and shine. Then, they went through oxidization to enhance their color. Through these procedures, you will get a pendant that has an elegant look and impeccable shine!

Our Heartbeat-shaped Charms for Bracelet are available in two glistening colors: silver and bronze. Choose a pendant shade that complements the color and the material of your chain.

Cleaning this heartbeat pendant is easy. The best part? All the materials needed in doing this task are just a few steps away! All you need is a soft-bristled brush, cold water, and some non-gel toothpaste.

Work the paste into a lather, then scrub it on the piece with a brush. Once done, wash the pendant thoroughly with cold water until all the residues are gone. Wipe it dry with a clean cloth, then store it in an airtight jewelry box to keep its flawless, elegant look.

Say "I love you" to your special someone in a stylish way. Get our Heartbeat Charms for Bracelet and express your love for that person by adding this to your handmade gift!

Color Silver, Bronze
Materials Zinc Alloy
Length 0.79 inches
Design and Style Heartbeat-shaped pendant made from zinc alloy


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