King/Queen - Couple Bracelet

King/Queen - Couple Bracelet
  • King/Queen - Couple Bracelet
  • King/Queen - Couple Bracelet
  • King/Queen - Couple Bracelet
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Do you see your significant other as the king or queen of your heart? If yes, then there is no better way to let him/her know that than by adorning your arm with the King/Queen - Couple Bracelet.

If your lover owns your heart, then there is no better way to express your love than wearing a bracelet declaring so. The King/Queen - Couple Bracelet is an amazing way of expressing your love and adoration.

When it comes to the King/Queen - Couple Bracelet, there are two varieties available. Both are made of high-quality titanium and stainless steel. The one meant for men has a silver chain and a black "ID plate" center. There is "Her King" etched on it. Beside that phrase, there is a crown and a blue cubic zirconia stone, embellishments fit for a king. This bracelet measures about 8.67 inches. As for the bracelet meant for women, it has the phrase "His Queen" engraved on the rose gold metal plate. Next to this phrase is also a crown and a pink cubic zirconia stone. It is about 7.68 inches long.

The King/Queen - Couple Bracelet is something that you can give to the man or woman who owns your heart. It’s also something that you can get as a pair! When you two wear these bracelets, no one would dare come close and attempt to break your bond of love!

Just like everlasting love, you want to make sure the King/Queen - Couple Bracelet lasts for as long as possible. To keep these titanium and stainless steel bracelets looking fine, keep them away from activities that have a high risk of bumping or damages. When it comes to cleaning it, all you need is some lukewarm water, non-gel toothpaste, and a used soft-bristled toothbrush.

Treat each other like royalty and let your love reign! Buy now!

Color Black, Silver
Materials Titanium Stainless Steel, Cubic Zirconia
Length His: 8.67 inches, Hers: 7.68 inches
Design and Style Stainless Steel Bracelet with metal plates engraved with "Her King" or "His Queen"


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