Ladybug Infinity Bracelet

Ladybug Infinity Bracelet
  • Ladybug Infinity Bracelet
  • Ladybug Infinity Bracelet
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The pop-culture universe may have its infinity stones, but you can have your own handmade Ladybug Infinity Bracelet to show off your fashion prowess and valor!

Who needs a time stone when you can wear a bracelet that never goes out style, making it fit to be worn anytime, anywhere? This Ladybug Infinity Bracelet is made of fabric cords which were artistically woven together. The intricate and captivating loops found in this accessory makes it more eccentric and beautiful. It's laid-back yet modish style will look good with your casual wear. And to make it even more eye-catching and chic, a shiny and polished infinity charm is found at the center of the bracelet. It's inlaid with numerous small bits of sparkly stones. And, as if that's not cute enough, a tiny ladybug can also be found at one side of the symbol. With this bracelet's brilliant red color, you won't find it hard to find an outfit to wear it with.

Symbolically, a ladybug is believed to be an embodiment of luck because it brings good fortune and prosperity along with it too. Also, because this insect has vibrant and vivid colors, it influences you to experience the joy and happiness of living and living your life to the fullest. Now, isn't that deep and meaningful? Lock these traits in around your wrist with this bracelet's lace-up lock system. All you need to do is to adjust the cord to fit the size of your wrist and knot them up together for security. Because of this bracelet's symbolism and versatility in size, this can also make a perfect gift to any of your female friends or loved ones.

Have an infinite flow of good luck and wear it with you wherever you go! Get this Ladybug Infinity Bracelet now!

Color Red and Silver
Materials Fabric Cord / Tibetan Silver, Zinc Alloy
Length N/A
Design and Style Woven cord style bracelet with an infinity symbol found in the center


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