Leather Infinity Charm Sister Bracelet

Leather Infinity Charm Sister Bracelet
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The love between sisters is unconditional and endless, so why not show that kind of affection for your sibling with this Leather Infinity Charm Sister Bracelet? It's a stylish way to tell your sister that you will always be there to protect her no matter what.

The Leather Infinity Sister Bracelet looks charming and elegant. Its chain is made of leather braided together giving the accessory a captivating look.

We have also added an infinity symbol, a written word that says POLICE SISTER and two-heart charm-pendants that are made from zinc alloy. These charms give the bracelet a very striking touch as it gives a mark on how you feel about your sibling.

With the combination of these two materials, your sister will have a chic bracelet that will make everyone jealous!

These aren't the only reasons why you should buy this Infinity Charm Sister Bracelet for your sister for it has more things to offer.

For one, this precious bracelet is highly durable as we have made this with premium quality leather. This material is widely used for making fashion accessories due to its impressive durability and elegant finish.

Plus, it's hypoallergenic and breathable. This makes this bracelet ideal for those who have sensitive skin.

The best part? This trinket will perk up any casual style! Whether your sister is a girly girl or a rebel beauty, this bracelet will absolutely perfect for her.

No matter how durable and elegant this bracelet is, it still needs proper care. Good thing this bracelet is easy to clean! You just need to dampen an old piece of cloth, wash it with some mild hand soap, then wipe it onto the piece. Once done, dry it with a clean fabric, then store it in an airtight jewelry box.

Now that you know what you could expect from this Leather Infinity Charm Sister Bracelet, there's only one thing left to do: hit that "Add to Cart" button now!

Color Black
Materials Pendant/Beads: Zinc Alloy
Chain: Leather
Length 6.69 inches
Design and Style Three-layered leather wrap braided bracelet with infinity love, “POLICE SISTER,” and two-heart shaped pendants made from zinc alloy


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