Suicide Awareness Wrap Bracelet

Suicide Awareness Wrap Bracelet
  • Suicide Awareness Wrap Bracelet
  • Suicide Awareness Wrap Bracelet
  • Suicide Awareness Wrap Bracelet
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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 800,000 deaths per year are due to suicide. Given the number, it’s very important that measures are taken to prevent and to control suicide and suicide attempts. If you wish to be part of raising attention to this cause, then please wear the Suicide Awareness Wrap Bracelet.

Among those who belong to 15-29-year-old age group, the second leading cause of death is suicide. As a global phenomenon, it should be something that is given attention to. Whether this issue hits close to home or not, you can help draw to this noteworthy cause with the help of the Suicide Awareness Wrap Bracelet.

The Suicide Awareness Wrap Bracelet comes in turquoise and purple which are the official colors of suicide awareness campaigns around the world. It is made of high-quality suede leather and zinc alloy. It measures around 6.3 inches. However, if you add the 1.97-inch extended chain, it's around 8.70 inches in length. With that said, it can fit a variety of wrist sizes.

There are two amazing options when it comes to the Suicide Awareness Wrap Bracelet. The first one is made of four layers of suede leather. The first layer is adorned with a big Butterfly charm. The second and third layers have the words "Suicide Awareness". The last layer has a pair of heart charms. The second option is a little more elaborate than the first. It is composed of several layers of suede leather. Similar to the first one, there are Butterfly and heart charms on the second one as well. Apart from the phrase "Suicide Awareness", it also includes the statement "No Story Should End Too Soon".

Whatever option you end up choosing, remember that while wearing the Suicide Awareness Wrap Bracelet might be a simple thing to do, but it can help someone who is having a difficult time in life.

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Color Turquoise, Purple
Materials Suede Leather, Zinc Alloy
Length 8.70 inches
Design and Style Multi-layer bracelet for suicide awareness 


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