Leather Viking Axe Men's Bracelet

Leather Viking Axe Men's Bracelet
  • Leather Viking Axe Men's Bracelet
  • Leather Viking Axe Men's Bracelet
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Before Thor Odinson vanquished Asgard during Ragnarok, the Nordic Vikings have already been a part of the Slavic, Scandinavian, and Norse history. The accessories of this period are highly underrated. Luckily, this Leather Viking Axe Men's Bracelet will put the ancient fashion back to the mainstream. Now, you finally have a reason to wear a leather accessory to make you look more manly.

This masculine leather bracelet has a unique yet simple design and measures approximately 21.65 inches in length. It is made of pure polyurethane material, also known as bi-cast leather. It has an ax-shaped charm on one end which serves as a lock. Made of silver-plated metal, this ax charm is sure to turn heads. The bracelet is made intentionally long so you can wrap it around your wrist. Alternatively, it works as a necklace, too. It's a versatile accessory! Choose between black and brown, you can't go wrong.

Aiming for a Bohemian style or urban look? Look no further as this bracelet will not disappoint. The silver-plated zinc alloy ax will eventually discolor and tarnish. To prevent this, ensure that you clean this bracelet occasionally. Use toothpaste or vinegar to clean the zinc alloy. Brush it with a clean toothbrush with soft bristles until all dirt and residues are gone. Wipe it with cotton or a piece of cloth after.

On the other hand, you can wipe the bracelet with a special leather cleaner. Never wash the leather with water to preserve its good condition. When not in use, store in an air-tight container away from high temperature and humidity.

This stunning bracelet also makes a perfect gift for any occasion. It will look great on your dad's, husband's, boyfriend's, or male friends' wrists. It'll look fierce on women, too!

Color Silver and Black
Materials Zinc Alloy and PU Leather
Length 21.65 inches
Design and Style 1 piece Viking-inspired bracelet with silver-plated ax-shaped lock


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