Light Green Chakra Bracelet

Light Green Chakra Bracelet
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Are you the type of person that is looking for inner peace? In today’s hectic world, such a thing can be quite hard to find. Luckily, you may always wear something like our Light Green Chakra Bracelet to remind yourself to stay calm and optimistic. It is the perfect accessory that you can sport to let others know about your personality without having to talk about it.

The design of this item is relatively simple. Bright green stones run through an elastic string. Accenting things are three zinc alloy beads and one of which is a Buddha head. Its exceptional quality and aesthetics show the level of craftsmanship that was put into making the product. With a single glimpse, you can already tell that it’s quality is superior to other similar accessory pieces on the market.

Women of all body types can put the bracelet on with relative ease. Its elastic nature makes it able to fit around the wrists of almost anyone. To wear it, just stretch it and run your hand until it snugly sits on your wrist. You won’t even have to worry about the item falling because no locks or clamps that might break.

Since there are metallic components on the product, it would not be wise to keep it in a humid area. Instead, an airtight container should be used. Now, once it’s time to clean it, just wash the stones with soap and water or use a soft brush and toothpaste to get rid of any stains on the metal beads. Following that, make sure to thoroughly wipe everything until it is completely dry.

Trendy and versatile, you can wear it with your pantsuits and casual to smart casual outfits. Give one to a friend as a gift to help her ease stress. After all, it is indeed a wonderful item that deserves to be bought as soon as possible!

Color Green, Silver
Materials Zinc Alloy, Natural Stone, Elastic String
Length N/A
Design and Style A green beaded, chakra bracelet with metal accents


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