Love - Adjustable Baby Gold Bracelet

Love - Adjustable Baby Gold Bracelet
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There are many kinds of love in this world. One of the most unconditional types of love is that of a parent to his or her child.

There are many ways to express one's love for their children. It can either be big or small or somewhere in between. One of the ways you can show your love is through something memorable and valuable.

No matter how old your baby is, she would surely know that she has your love and affection through your actions. If you wish to cement that, then let her be adorned by the beautiful Love - Adjustable Baby Gold Bracelet.

This is a gold plated copper bracelet designed to be a bangle. It has an adjustable feature so it could be modified to fit your baby’s wrist.

The bangle has two bell charms in gold that you can find right around the adjustable part. In the center of the Love - Adjustable Baby Gold Bracelet is the word “love” in cursive. This can be considered the bracelet’s statement piece. The “L” in this part is encrusted with Cubic Zirconia. This adds more radiance and brilliance to this gold plated jewelry!

If you want to maintain the sparkliness of the Love - Adjustable Baby Gold Bracelet, don't forget to take care of it! If your baby girl is wearing the bracelet, make sure she is not wearing anything that has a strong chemical content like those found in perfumes or colognes.

Also, if she has lotion on, let it be absorbed by the skin first before letting her wear the bracelet. Every after use, wipe it gently using a super soft cloth to remove any dirt or dust that it might have been exposed to.

Let your parental love shine through with the Love-Adjustable Baby Gold Bracelet!

Color Gold
Materials Copper, Cubic Zirconia
Length N/A
Design and Style Adjustable gold-plated copper bracelet with the word "Love" encrusted with cubic zirconia


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