Luxury Jewelry Women's Bracelet

Luxury Jewelry Women's Bracelet
  • Luxury Jewelry Women's Bracelet
  • Luxury Jewelry Women's Bracelet
  • Luxury Jewelry Women's Bracelet
  • Luxury Jewelry Women's Bracelet
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Amp up your style with this Luxury Jewelry Women's Bracelet. This exquisite jewel may have a plain design, but it surely adds class to your look regardless of what you're wearing!

Our Luxury Jewelry Bracelet for Women is made from two materials: copper for the chain and cubic zirconia for the pendant.

Copper is a widely used material in making jewelry because of the appeal it gives to the accessory. Furthermore, it is believed to have several health benefits. Who wouldn't want to wear an accessory that can improve not only your look but also your health? Exactly!

As for the cubic zirconia where the pendant is mostly made from, this stone sparkles like a diamond but is less expensive than the mentioned gem. So if you want to wear something dazzling around your wrist without spending much money, then this bracelet is a perfect choice!

However, these aren't the only things that this jewel has to offer. It also provides a comfortable fit for the wearer. It has a bolo clasp that you can push up or pull down to adjust the diameter of this bracelet.

The Luxury Jewelry Bracelet is available in a variety of colors. We have classic gold, metallic silver, subtle rose gold, and rebel black gun. Choose a color that defines your personality and suits your taste.

Our Women's Luxury Jewelry Bracelet is the perfect accessory to wear when attending a special event...or you can put it on to for a Boho vibe look. Whatever style you are going for, this bracelet will enhance your overall appearance.

Add glitz and glamour to your look without spending too much money. Add this Luxury Jewelry Women's Bracelet to your cart now and be as charming as you can be.

Color Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Black Gun
Materials Pendant/Beads: Cubic Zirconia
Chain: Copper
Length 6.69-9.45 inches
Design and Style Chain bracelet with a pendant adorned with cubic zirconia


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