Magnetic Fashion Jewelry Bracelet

Magnetic Fashion Jewelry Bracelet
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It's nice to treat yourself every once in a while. Whether you've had a great day at work, or just happy about life, you have the right to splurge for yourself. What better way to treat yourself than getting this magnificent piece of beautifully-crafted jewelry, our stunning Magnetic Fashion Jewelry Bracelet!

Feast your eyes on our Magnetic Fashion Jewelry Bracelet, which is made from premium-grade stainless steel. Stainless steel is recommended for people allergic to bracelets made of copper and brass. Our stainless steel bracelet will not cause any irritations or redness to your skin.

Another benefit of stainless steel is its sturdiness and toughness which makes this bracelet last many good years with you. This amazing metal is also resistant to staining and rusting, which means that you can wash and buff this jewelry to keep it clean and shiny like the first day you bought it.

In addition, our Magnetic Fashion Jewelry Bracelet is also electro-plated with a mix of gold and silver colors to create a unique and wearable design on your wrist. The bracelet has a recurring pattern of a gold X-shape alternating with a silver elaborate piece adorned with two clear crystals and a single large pink gem in the middle. The bracelet has a total length of 8.66 inches, an ideal size and can fit all ladies’ wrists.

Furthermore, this Magnetic Fashion Jewelry Bracelet also features round silver, red, and black magnetic magnets surrounding the back of the bracelet. Magnetic bracelets are believed to help in the circulation of your blood. Improving blood circulation can keep your body healthy and aid in the faster healing of bodily injuries. Additionally, you can fasten the bracelet with its durable silver and gold toggle-type clasp.

Order our Magnetic Fashion Jewelry Bracelet now! Reap the health benefits while looking stylish at the same time!

Color Gold, Silver
Materials Stainless Steel
Length 8.66 inches
Design and Style A classy magnetic bracelet electroplated with gold and silver, and accented with pink and clear crystals

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