Magnetic Germanium Tortoise Shell Bracelet

Magnetic Germanium Tortoise Shell Bracelet
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Not all men wear jewelry. But if they do, they only limit themselves to the simplest forms such as their wedding ring or a single earring. If you are not an ordinary kind of guy who appreciates class and sophistication every now and then, then you will surely enjoy wearing our Magnetic Germanium Tortoise Shell Bracelet.

Guys, if you are looking for a snazzy piece of jewelry to spice up your ensemble, this is it!. This appealing bracelet is made from the finest-quality copper metal that has been ion-plated with gold color for a classy look. This ensures that the shine and glint of your bracelet will last for a long time.

Another notable feature of the Magnetic Germanium Tortoise Shell Bracelet is the gem-like covering on the tortoise-shell shaped plates interconnected to the bracelet. This design has been created using excellent and innovative German polishing technology for your utmost satisfaction.

This awesome bracelet measures 8.27 inches in length and 0.51 inches in width. Moreover, this bracelet can be secured to your wrist via the sturdy toggle-clasp, which can withstand repeated opening and closing.

In addition, this Magnetic Germanium Tortoise Shell Bracelet also possesses various round magnets at the back of it. Magnets are believed to help in improving the blood circulation in your body. This results in overall improved health.

The black color represents the semi-metal Germanium that some people believed is beneficial in helping to relieve bone ailments such as osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis. Far infrared represents the red color on the bracelet. As for the white color, it represents the negative ions, which help in clearing airborne allergens.

With all the benefits of the Magnetic Germanium Tortoise Shell Bracelet, having this piece will surely be a treat to yourself!

Color Gold, Clear
Materials Copper
Length 8.27 inches
Design and Style A men’s classic formal magnetic bracelet fastened by a toggle clasp


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