Magnetic Pure Copper Bracelet

Magnetic Pure Copper Bracelet
$26.99 $53.99
Looking for a bracelet that has multiple purposes? Why not get this Magnetic Pure Copper Bracelet? Not only does this accessory spice up your look; it is believed to improve your overall health! What more could you ask for?

Our Magnetic Copper Bracelet has an enchanting look. This bangle bracelet is engraved with captivating markings that can make everyone stare and admire the bling around your wrist.

On the opposite side of the carved surface is where the hidden magnets are found. These magnets are said to improve one's health. They are believed to ease pain and reduce swelling caused by rheumatism.

However, these aren't the only reasons why you should get this Pure Copper Bracelet. For one, this elegantly designed bracelet is the perfect way to amp up your look. Wear it while you're in your chic dress to add some flair to your style. Alternatively, put it around your wrist while wearing your office suit to spice up your look. So whatever outfit you're going for, this bracelet will look good on you.

Secondly, this bracelet is body-safe. It has no nickel and lead compounds and is hypoallergenic, making it safe for sensitive skin.

But the best thing about this exquisitely made accessory is that it is durable. It is made of high-quality copper, which means this bracelet is built to last.

But no matter how durable this accessory is, you still need to take care of it. Otherwise, it will lose its impeccable charm.

To preserve its luster and color, you need to clean it with warm, soapy water. Wipe it dry with a clean cloth, then store it in a compartmentalized jewelry box. It's that easy!

So why get an accessory that can only amp up your look? With our Magnetic Pure Copper Bracelet, you're not only adding spice to your style, but you're also improving your overall health!

Color Gold
Materials Copper
Length 7.5 inches
Design and Style Copper bangle bracelet engraved with captivating markings


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