Magnetic Retro Healing Bracelet

Magnetic Retro Healing Bracelet
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Take a look at this flawless piece-of-art. Our Magnetic Retro Healing Bracelet is an elegant accessory that can capture anyone’s heart – from its lovely pattern to its adorable rose gold finish.

We start with the materials used for making this trinket – copper. This high-quality material ensures that you get to enjoy a durable piece of jewelry. The unique geometric patterns around the bracelet are subtle yet show much dedication of the maker of this bling. We coated it with a lovely rose gold color to complement any outfit – be it formal or casual.

Besides its alluring beauty, this bracelet uses magnets to incorporate healing and grounding effects into the bracelet. The Magnetic therapeutic properties have been used even in old times to calm joint pains and cure blood circulation problems. Therefore, you’re not only improving your style but your health, too!

So, how do you pull off any look with this heirloom-looking bracelet? You can add a little bit of sparkle to your casual look with this bling on your wrist. This exquisitely designed bracelet can light up your laidback style and turn it into a fabulous fashion statement.

How about your look for your date night? Just add this elegant jewelry, and you are sure to capture your man’s heart.

The Magnetic Healing Bracelet has a convenient slip-on design. This feature lets you wear the bling with ease. You only have to slip it on your wrist, and you are good to go.

The Retro Healing Bracelet is the perfect gift for your friend, lover, and family. It has all the features of an elegant accessory but with a simple design. Hence, it will fit anyone’s taste.

To preserve the beauty of this jewelry, you need to wash it with mild soap and warm water. Dry it thoroughly with a clean towel and store it in a container away from direct sunlight.

Mark your way into anyone's heart by grabbing our Magnetic Retro Healing Bracelet now and be the stunner everywhere you go!

Color Rose Gold
Materials Copper
Length 6.70 inch
Design and Style Bangle bracelet with geometric patterns


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