Men's Viking Dragon Bracelet

Men's Viking Dragon Bracelet
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Vikings once ruled the Slavic and Scandinavian seas. Books and films have depicted how it was once like to be a Viking. The animated film "How To Train Your Dragon" is a perfect example. If you like this movie as much as we do, then you're up for a treat! The Men's Viking Dragon Bracelet is the one true accessory any avid Viking fan would ever want!

This fantastic bracelet is intricately designed with a dragon's head on each end by professional artisans. Highly inspired by the Vikings, it was hand-crafted up to the tiny detail. It is made of zinc alloy material, measuring 2.36 inches in diameter, and weighing approximately 64 grams. Many of our customers buy this as a gift for their boyfriend and husband. Perfect for any occasion any time of the year!

Zinc alloy is popular and commonly used material for jewelry because of its affordability and versatility. It is also known as "Tibetan Silver," and unlike most alloys, this bracelet doesn't contain lead which makes the bracelet non-toxic and body-safe.

Like most metals, this bracelet can discolor and tarnish. Depending on numerous factors like exposure to high humidity, extreme temperature, and content; this can either take several months or very quickly. To prevent this, store in a dry, airtight container when not in use. Keep it away from high-humidity areas or simply put a sachet of silica gel to help absorb any moisture in its container.

Over time, the bracelet might collect dirt and residue, so it's essential to maintain its cleanliness. To clean it, apply a small amount of toothpaste (or vinegar) and brush it with a clean, spare toothbrush with soft bristles. Once you've removed all residue, rinse the bracelet with clean water. Use a soft dry towel to pat it dry.

So, what are you waiting for? Be like 'Hiccup' and traverse the world the Viking way. Hop on to your imaginary dragon and prance around your neighborhood while wearing this bracelet! Buy now!

Color Silver
Materials Zinc Alloy
Length 2.36 inches (Diameter)
Design and Style 1 piece Viking-inspired bracelet with dragon heads facing each other on both ends


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