Mixed Color Jade Bracelet

Mixed Color Jade Bracelet
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Ward off negative entities wherever you go by wearing this Mixed Color Jade Bracelet. This magnetic accessory is filled with positive energies; thus, giving you peace of mind and improving self-love. Plus, it can be worn as a piece of jewelry! What more can you ask for?

Our Jade Bracelet has a rustic look because the stones are threaded onto a string to create a chain. It also doesn't have clasps or knots to secure the bracelet around your wrist, making it easier to put it on.

Though it doesn't have a lock, it won't fall off the ground. That is because this accessory uses an elastic string. Hence, it automatically adjusts to the circumference of your wrist the moment you wear it.

Our Beaded Jade Bracelet is available in an array of sizes, ranging between 0.15 inches and 0.47 inches. It also comes in various numbers of stones - from 30 pieces to 92 pieces! All you've got to do is choose a size and the number of gemstones you want to put on your wrist.

There are different ways to pull off your look with this precious bracelet. You can enhance your boho vibe by wearing it around your wrist. You can even amp up your style, even if you're just wearing a plain white polo and jeans. In other words, this magnetic accessory can complement any style!

Like any other pieces of jewelry, our Mixed Jade Bracelet should be cleaned from time-to-time. You have to do this to remove all dirt it absorbs from the environment.

To do this, you have to clean the bracelet with mild, soapy water, then wipe it dry with a clean cloth. Store it in your jewelry box to preserve its positive energies.

Surround yourself with positive vibes in style. Hit that "Add to Cart" button and get this Mixed Color Jade Bracelet now!

Color White + Black
Materials Natural Stones
Length 0.15 inches: about 92 pcs.; 0.24 inches: about 60 pcs.; 0.31 inches: about 45 pcs.; 0.39 inches: about 35 pcs.; 0.47 inches: 30 pcs.
Design and Style Beaded jade bracelet with flecks of black color


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