Crystal Crescent Moon Sister Bracelet

Crystal Crescent Moon Sister Bracelet
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When the heavens become dark, it’s time for the moon to shine. Unlike the sun, the moon goes through phases and when viewed from earth, it changes from full to crescent depending on the time of the year. The crescent moon seems to be the most enchanting of all the phases.

The crescent shape is used to represent the lunar phase in the first quarter. It’s also an emblem associated with the hunter goddess Diana. This association gave rise to the crescent moon being the symbol of virginity and fertility. In different cultures and religions, this waning moon is a significant representation of many good things.

Both mysterious and enigmatic, the crescent moon never fails to enchant artisans, hence a favorite jewelry design. Just look at this simple elegant bracelet adorned with a crescent moon charm set with cubic zirconia. It comes in three equally stunning variants—gold color, platinum-plated, and rose gold.

It has a reliable lobster clasp that is so easy to open or close. We know that size matters so we’ve included an extended chain to accommodate a range of wrist sizes. Being so, it’s so easy to find the perfect fit.

Your delicate skin only deserves quality jewelry that won’t cause any skin irritation. Rest assured that this beauty is free from nickel, cadmium, and lead to make sure you won’t have any skin allergies.

This is a wardrobe-friendly bracelet, so it’s a jewelry box staple. It’ something that you can wear every day—to school or work, on a date with friends, or during a special evening with your man.

When you buy one for yourself, don’t forget to buy one for your sister, mom, or best friend, too. Giving a resplendent piece of jewelry to the special women in your life is a gesture that they will forever remember. Let them know that they are precious to you with a simple but elegant bracelet.

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Color Gold, Silver, Rose Gold
Materials Stainless Steel
Length N/A
Design and Style Chain link bracelet with a moon charm


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