Silver / Rose Gold Nurse Medical Bracelet

Silver / Rose Gold Nurse Medical Bracelet
  • Silver / Rose Gold Nurse Medical Bracelet
  • Silver / Rose Gold Nurse Medical Bracelet
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A nurse is compassionate and caring. These are the core virtues of the nursing profession.

Your commitment cannot be denied. It is witnessed and felt every day by the sick whom you unconditionally attend to. Without you, a doctor won’t be able to treat his patients. Indeed, you play a role integral to providing quality and reliable health care.

Be proud of your profession by wearing the Silver / Rose Gold Nurse Medical Bracelet. It’s crafted from silver or rose gold-plated metal that won’t tarnish. It comes with a circular metal plate bearing the nursing emblem—the Caduceus.

The Caduceus is a recognizable symbol because we see it on nurses’ nameplates, nursing pins, scrub tops, pens, and badge holders. An elegant bracelet that carries this symbol is a must-have for any nurse, male or female, to profess his or her dedication for the profession.

Putting this bracelet on your wrist is so easy as you simply slide your hand through until it rests on your wrist. There are no complicated clasps to work with. The design is straightforward and simple. Both ends are hooked into the holes of the round metal plate. The polished bracelet may look thin but it’s solid and durable.

If you know someone who has graduated or has passed the nursing board, congratulate them with an elegant bracelet that has the Caduceus symbol also known as the Staff of Hermes. The symbol features two snakes that are intertwined with a winged staff.

If you think this bracelet goes well only with your uniform, you’re mistaken. It’s a wardrobe-friendly piece of jewelry, so show it off even when you’re not in the hospital.

Nursing is one of the noblest professions in the world. Celebrate it by giving your fellow nurses in your station. Buy now!

Color Rose Gold, Silver
Materials Rose Gold- or Silver-Plated Metal
Length 2.36 inches (diameter)
Design and Style Bracelet bearing the nurse emblem


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