Chic Rose Gold Chain Ankle Bracelet

Chic Rose Gold Chain Ankle Bracelet
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Be a woman of elegance and style with this Chic Rose Gold Chain Ankle Bracelet. This anklet has it all—sparkle, grace, and allure. Just one look at it and you’ll know it will look perfect around your ankle.

This splendid bracelet is made of zinc alloy coated with a layer of gold rose. A two-layer chain anklet, it’s beautifully adorned with five rose charms, seven beads, and a round-cut rhinestone. These exquisite adornments will make graceful movements as you move your feet, not to mention that the rhinestone crystal will dance cheerfully with any lighting. Jaws will drop, heads will turn, eyes will pop!

Zinc alloy is lightweight but it’s durable. It’s also a good quality of metal because it’s rustproof and corrosion-resistant. Rhinestone crystal is definitely the gem with a dazzle and shimmer that always has your back. Securing the bracelet around your ankle is a durable lobster clasp. Simply work the tiny lever with your thumb by applying light pressure and it will open. Release the lever to close it. It’s that simple!

Mesmerize anyone who looks at your dainty ankle adorned with this splendid bracelet! Its length is 9.84 inches including the extended chain. This extended chain will make it easy for you to find the perfect fit. Keep it a little loose, not too tight for comfort. The end of the extended chain has a spherical bead that will beautifully hang.

Be the lady with an ankle that glows at a beach or pool party. Pair it up with a nice pair of sandals or flipflops and don’t forget to treat yourself to a pedicure first! Attending an evening party? Don yourself with a sultry dress with a slit baring one of your legs and ankle and complete the sexy look with this bracelet paired with a pair of black pumps! Just be sure not to wear a panty-hose to avoid fashion faux pas.

This anklet will also make you look glamorous if you’re in a mini-skirt, shorts, cuffed pants, and leggings! Versatile, right? So, click the “Buy” button now!

Color Rose Gold
Materials Zinc Alloy, Crystal
Length 9.84 inches
Design and Style Two-layer anklet with rose charms and rhinestone


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