Multi-Layer Diesel Men's Leather Bracelet

Multi-Layer Diesel Men's Leather Bracelet
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Fire up your engines and let your fashion sense soar by wearing this Multi-Layer Diesel Men's Leather Bracelet with your casual outfit!

"Motivational yet stylish", these are words to describe this trendy accessory with a simple yet moving message. Sometimes, we just need to fuel our confidence and morale by being reminded of why we started something in the first place. This Multi-Layer Diesel Men's Leather Bracelet can be a great way to remind yourself of the "fuel" or goals that drive you to always be at your best.

This exquisite bracelet is made of leather. It has three layers, two of which are braided and are found on each side. There is a leather strap in the middle where a zinc alloy plate is attached at the center. On this zinc alloy plate, the words "Diesel for successful living" are engraved on top. There are also two sets of four beads attached on this strap, one set found on each side of the zinc alloy plate.

Our voguish Multi-Layer Diesel Men's Leather Bracelet measures 8.27 inches long and can easily be secured around your wrist with the use of the easy hook clasp attached on the bracelet. It is also very light and comfortable that it only weighs 0.03 lbs., with this weight, you can go about your tasks and chores, and this bracelet will not get in the way. With its classic-style, it will definitely look good no matter what clothes you wear it with. You can inspire someone else too, by giving this bracelet as a gift. They'll surely appreciate the thoughtfulness behind this modish present.

In case you need a little spark to fuel and ignite your energy and be the best version of you, just glance at your wrist and smile! Hurry and add this to your cart now!

Color Black and Silver
Materials Leather / Zinc Alloy
Length 8.27 inches long
Design and Style Three-layered bracelet with a zinc alloy plate the word “Diesel” is engraved


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