Multi-Layer Leather Engraved Bracelet

Multi-Layer Leather Engraved Bracelet
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If you are a man who is looking for a bracelet that you can wear for any occasion and something that you could wear with any item in your closet, then look no further. We have a bracelet that can you can wear with a T-shirt, a formal polo shirt, or even your undershirt. You will get a very versatile piece with our Multi-Layer Leather Engraved Bracelet.

Feast your eyes on our Multi-Layer Leather Engraved Bracelet, which is made for the inner rugged side of you. This amazing piece of jewelry is made of the finest quality, genuine leather that is known to give that classic, posh vibe.

With its classic black color, you could wear this to your next party, daily work duty, or at a cocktail event. It is also a lightweight bracelet, weighing in at only 20 grams.

This Multi-Layer Leather Engraved Bracelet has three layers that make up this lovely hand ornament, The total length of the bracelet measures in at 8.07 inches, an ideal size, which can fit any man’s wrist. Every layer of this classic piece has a width of 0.32 inches, which is a nice size to fit you as well as be a great accessory to catch anyone's attention.

You can also open and close this bracelet with its durable magnetic clasp for security.

Each layer from the Multi-Layer Leather Engraved Bracelet has a different and distinct quality to it. The first layer is a plain leather texture. The second layer also has a plain design, with an additional black nameplate made of premium-grade stainless steel. As for the third layer, it is a double-braided piece that makes the whole accessory stand out.

Another feature of the Multi-Layer Leather Engraved Bracelet is the option to personalize the ion-plated and highly polished nameplate. You can write any name or caption on the plate as you wish. Take your pick from the wide assortment of fonts and symbols to give this bracelet your own personal twist!

Having this lovely trinket will give you a nice trinket to compliment your outfits. It's personalized and very sleek, what more can you ask for? Click that 'Add to Cart' button now!

Color Black
Materials Bracelet: Leather
Name Plate: Stainless Steel
Length Length of Bracelet: 8.07 inches;
Width of each Bracelet Layer: 0.32 inches
Design and Style Black triple multi-layered bracelet made of leather with a stainless steel customizable nameplate.

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