Natural Crystal Yoga Chakra Bracelet 2

Natural Crystal Yoga Chakra Bracelet 2
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Did you know that the word chakra means "wheel?" In meditation and yoga, it simply refers to the wheels throughout your body, which transforms into energy. The chakra bracelet often consists of seven uniquely colored beads made of gemstones, and each one represents the seven energies that need to be balanced. Chakra bracelets have been around for centuries. It is believed that it originated in ancient India and is practically tied with Buddhism. Today, these bracelets are not only used for spirituality but also for fashion. For this reason, we bring the Natural Crystal Yoga Chakra Bracelet to you.

This chakra bracelet was professionally made by our artisans. They intricately laced-up the beaded bracelet using their bare hands. All seven uniquely colored beads are equally spread out in the entire bracelet. It is free-size and highly adjustable to fit most wrists. Together with the beads, are stylish metallic pieces with geometric shapes for a high-fashion look. These metallic pieces are made of zinc alloy, and they also help secure the bracelet in the bottom. The string used in this accessory is nylon, so you can assure that they won't break easily.

To maximize the benefits of the gemstones in this bracelet, ensure that you maintain its cleanliness. You can do this effortlessly by washing it regularly with dish soap and rinsing it in running water. You can also spray the stones with a disinfectant. Gently pat the bracelet to dry before storing it inside an air-tight container. The container's humidity plays a significant role in the quality of the gemstone. A sachet of silica gel could help absorb the moisture in its container. Alternatively, you can apply clear nail polish to the metal pieces for additional protection against tarnishing.

If you have a son or a daughter, then it'll be an ideal present as these stones attract prosperity and abundance. Furthermore, they are believed to keep its wearer safe and away from harm. So, order now and keep them protected in spirit, mind, and body!

Color Variations of Earth tones and Rainbow colors
Materials Gemstones, Zinc Alloy, Nylon
Length Free-size
Design and Style 1 piece beaded chakra bracelet, aesthetically pleasing, intricately designed features


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