Natural Gemstone Chakra Bracelet

Natural Gemstone Chakra Bracelet
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Are you looking for something that can protect you from negative energies? Now you can wear something that can give you what you are looking for! Check out the Natural Gemstone Chakra Bracelet!

With its mystery and allure, the Natural Gemstone Chakra Bracelet is an amazing addition to your collection. The main star of this bracelet is the Tourmaline Chips that are put together using an elastic chain. These come in a magnificent and beautiful black color. One of the most distinctive features of the Natural Gemstone Chakra Bracelet is that the Black Tourmaline Chips have different looks and sizes. No two chips are alike!

If you are wondering if this is something that can fit your wrist, take note that the Natural Gemstone Chakra Bracelet measures around 6.30 inches. If you don’t know what your wrist’s measurement is, you can find out how in a few easy steps! All you need to do is to grab your trusty tape measure. With your free arm, rotate it upward until your palm is facing up and your hand is opening. At the center of your wrist, place the end of the measuring tape and wrap it around. In measuring your wrist size, it should not be too tight or too loose. The number that you will be getting from this is your wrist size. Compare it with the measurement of the Natural Gemstone Chakra Bracelet and check if it fits.

When you have the Natural Gemstone Chakra Bracelet in your hands, it not only draws out negative energies but draws in the positive ones as well. As the Black Tourmaline is connected with the base or root chakra, it will bring stability and awareness in your life. It also keeps other people’s toxic energy from infiltrating your life.

Embrace positivity and block all negative energies with this stunning piece of jewelry.

Color Black
Materials Black Tourmaline
Length 6.30 inches
Design and Style Black Tourmaline Elastic Chip Bracelet with Elastic Chain

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