Natural Stone Beads Women's Bracelet

Natural Stone Beads Women's Bracelet
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Keeping up with the latest jewelry trend is exciting, but for those days when you just want something simple and classic to complete your chosen look of the day, our Natural Stone Beads Women's Bracelet is the perfect accessory! However way you mix and match with this gorgeous handmade arm candy, you simply can’t go wrong. Using it to complement your outfit is an utter delight with its vibrant red-orange Cinnabar beads and two gold foil-covered beads.

Add this stunning lucky charm to your collection of unique statement pieces. You can wear it alone on your wrist or stack it up with your other favorites. The beads are approximately 0.31” in diameter while the material used to string them together is strong and stretchable. It doesn’t make use of clasps for closure; it just slips right on, nice and easy.

The Cinnabar beads used in this bracelet are smooth yet tough, so you can rest assured that this wrist ornament is a durable one and will last you a lifetime of many enjoyable wears. The natural mineral has long been used in Chinese Medicine as well as in creating pigment for art. As the bracelet is made of beautiful Cinnabar beads, it will give your attire the pop of color it requires to polish your look to elegant completion.

Buy this affordable and eye-catching arm candy for yourself or for someone special in your life – whether she’s your mother, your sister, or your best friend. After all, a woman can never have too many bracelets especially one as gorgeous as our Natural Stone Beads Women's Bracelet. Don’t have any special occasions coming up? Keep it stashed in your bedside drawer so you’ll always have something to give away to friends and family when the need arises. Keep one or two for yourself, of course! Order now!

Color Red-Orange Beads with Golden Pearls
Materials Cinnabar beads, Gold foil
Length 6.30, 6.70, 7.09, 7.48, 7.87 inches
Design and Style Beaded bracelet with gold accents


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