Natural Yellow Jade Bracelet

Natural Yellow Jade Bracelet
  • Natural Yellow Jade Bracelet
  • Natural Yellow Jade Bracelet
  • Natural Yellow Jade Bracelet
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Yellow Jade is a type of stone boasting with many spiritual and emotional healing properties. It is believed to enhance balance, emotional stability, strengthen loving relationships, attract good fortune, promote protection, wisdom, and long life. You can enjoy these benefits and more when you get our Natural Yellow Jade Bracelet! It's the only thing you need in your corner to improve your life.

Since it's in a bangle form, you don't need to put it in a pouch to get the mentioned benefits. You only need to wear it around your wrist, and these properties will follow you everywhere you go. But of course, you need to meditate while wearing it to ensure you get those healing benefits.

However, that's not the only purpose of our Yellow Jade Bracelet. After all, it's still an accessory. Therefore, it can amp up your overall look.
You can be in your favorite Boho style as this bracelet enhances that kind of vibe. If you're going to an event, you can accessorize your chic red dress with this bangle on your wrist. You can even pair it up with your office suit! No matter what outfit you're going for, this enchanting accessory will add a "wow" factor to your look.

Like any other pieces of jewelry, keeping the bracelet's lustrous charm is utmost important. Not only will it preserve the stone's healing properties; it will maintain its elegance. To do this, you have to wash it with mild soap and warm water. Wipe it with a clean cloth to dry, then keep it in a compartmentalized jewelry box to prevent damage and to preserve its healing properties.

Promote your emotional and spiritual aspects in style. Grab our Natural Yellow Jade Bracelet and enhance your overall wellbeing and look!

Color Yellow
Materials Yellow Jade Stone
Length XS: 2.13-2.20 inches
S: 2.20-2.28 inches
M: 2.28-2.36 inches
L: 2.36-2.44 inches
XL: 2.44-2.52 inches
Design and Style Bangle bracelet made from yellow jade

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