OM Meditation Chakra Bracelet

OM Meditation Chakra Bracelet
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The OM symbol is a sacred one for those who adhere to the Hindu faith. It represents Brahman who is the almighty creator of all things. While it’s of South Asian origin, people from around the world have come to revere it. As a result, the symbol has been incorporated into mainstream fashion. Now, if you wish to sport it, why don’t you try getting your hands on our OM Meditation Chakra Bracelet? The accessory is beautiful and surely won’t disappoint.

What makes this product great is the simplicity of its design. Although the OM symbol on it looks like it’s made of real gold, it is actually zinc alloy that has been plated. Holding everything together is a vibrant red piece of string. At first glance, one would say that the item is only suitable for women. However, people of all genders can sport it.

People with exceptionally large or tiny wrists won't have any issues with putting this item on. Its rope chain enables it to fit almost everyone and also makes it very easy to wear. Just lay down your arm then tie the bracelet around in a secure manner to prevent it from falling. Always make sure to double-check if it's properly worn so that you won’t accidentally lose it.

Always store this item in an airtight container to prevent it from corroding. Clean the centerpiece by brushing non-gel toothpaste on it. The red string may be washed with soap and water. Following everything, make sure to wipe the OM symbol then leave the chain to dry out.

What else is stopping you from getting this amazing product? It’s classy, simple, and easy to maintain. It can be given as a gift, too. Now stop hesitating and make your purchase immediately!

Color Red, Gold
Materials Zinc Alloy, Rope
Length Length: N/A Diameter: N/A
Design and Style A casual OM symbol rope chain bracelet for men and women.


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