OM Tassels Chakra Bracelet

OM Tassels Chakra Bracelet
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Fashion trends often come in cycles. Some are too good just to come and go but tend to get back now and then. Every time fashion trends pop back in the market once again, they are altered to suit the present trend. A perfect example is the OM Tassels Chakra Bracelet - stylish, elegant, and a timeless piece of accessory. Did you know that these chakra bracelets were worn for centuries in ancient India?

The Indian secret has finally caught the attention of the international market. We're pleased to offer this bracelet because chakra bracelets have a lot to offer. With an inside perimeter of 7.48 inches, this bracelet will surely fit most wrists. A unique colored bead represents each chakra and is separated by metallic beads made of pure zinc alloy. For an eye-catching aesthetic, the rest of the accessory is filled with wooden beads that measure 8 millimeters thick. Best of all, the bracelet is ornamented with a Buddhist symbol with a tassel.

This chakra bracelet will eventually discolor and tarnish. To prevent this, ensure that you clean this bracelet occasionally. Use toothpaste or vinegar to clean the zinc alloy. Brush it with a clean toothbrush with soft bristles until all dirt and residues are gone. After that, wipe it with cotton or a piece of cloth. On the other hand, you can wash the entire bracelet using regular dish soap. You can also dampen a piece of fabric with hand soap and use it to wipe the bracelet. You can also apply a thin layer of transparent nail polish for additional protection. When not in use, store this in an air-tight container away from high temperature and humidity.

Fill your life with well-balanced positive energies to further attract abundance in the process. Order this today and see for yourself!

Color Variations of Brown and Rainbow colors
Materials Lava Stones, Zinc Alloy, Wood
Length 7.48 inches (length)
Design and Style 1 piece beaded chakra bracelet, aesthetically pleasing, intricately designed features


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