Open Knot Casting - Copper Bracelet

Open Knot Casting - Copper Bracelet
  • Open Knot Casting - Copper Bracelet
  • Open Knot Casting - Copper Bracelet
  • Open Knot Casting - Copper Bracelet
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Show your love and appreciation to your loved one with our Open Knot Casting - Copper Bracelet! This bangle bracelet is a sight to behold!

Wearing a bracelet is a nice way to amp up any get up. It’s easy to wear and has that subtle yet mesmerizing look. You can match it with a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt, or you can give your sultry dress a little sparkling detail with this unique piece.

This classy bling made from copper alloy gives the bracelet a unique yet captivating look. It features a unique ribbon-like bow with attached pearls at the tips of the ribbon. It also has a slip-on design, making it easier to wear. Just slide it onto your wrist, and you are good to go.

The Open Knot Casting Bracelet is the perfect gift for your girlfriend, mother, and your sister! This bangle has a simple yet universal design that every woman loves.

It also comes in two luscious colors: silver and gold. Not only do these hues add class to this bracelet; they also match virtually all styles. Wear a laidback look or a formal dress – it doesn’t matter! Any of these shades will complement these styles.

To keep the bracelet’s undeniable charm long-lasting, you have to wash it with warm water and mild soap. Dry it thoroughly with a clean towel and store it in a container away from direct sunlight and dust. Following these instructions will not only preserve its beauty but also prolong its longevity.

Add this exquisitely designed Open Knot Casting - Copper Bracelet to your cart now and share a gift of love and beauty to yourself and the good people around you. It is not just a pretty piece of jewelry; it’s a nice remembrance to keep your bonding alive!

Color Gold, Silver
Materials Copper Alloy
Length 6.69 inches
Design and Style A simple slip-on bracelet with a ribbon as a charm with pearls at the tips of the bow


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