Pacifier - Charms for Bracelet

Pacifier - Charms for Bracelet
  • Pacifier - Charms for Bracelet
  • Pacifier - Charms for Bracelet
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Here's a present you can give to someone who is expecting or has just given birth. The Pacifier - Charms for Bracelet are a playful way to show your excitement towards this new bundle of joy!

Parenting can be quite challenging and tedious; thus, it is important to always mix in a touch of humor and fun to lighten it up! Just like the fun vibe the Pacifier - Charms for Bracelet can bring about, they are so cute and delightful, you'll certainly put a smile on your friend's face. These sweet little charms are made of zinc alloy, it is a material that is very common and popular for jewelry components due to its versatility. These accessories resemble the shape of a pacifier or as others would call it, a "binky". In case you're not familiar with what it is, it is a rubber or plastic device imitating a nipple that goes into a baby's mouth, used to calm and quiet the baby.

These cute little trinkets measure 0.51 inch by 0.39 inch. It is available in two tones, antique bronze-plated and antique silver-plated. These tones basically fit and match any kind of bracelet you have. And for you to have loads of fun with these charms, we'll send you ten pieces for each set you order.

To keep these charms' condition as cute as new, it's best to avoid moist or wet conditions. When not in use, store in an airtight container; also a silica gel sachet can help by absorbing any moisture in the container. If you want to clean these charms, you can use non-gel toothpaste. Lather and apply it directly on the piece with the use of a soft-bristled toothbrush or similar tools. Once clean, rinse it thoroughly and let it dry.

Be a darling and help your friends welcome parenthood in a voguish and trendy way! Add this to your cart now!

Color Silver / Bronze
Materials Zinc Alloy
Length N/A
Design and Style Bracelet charms shaped like a pacifier


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