Pendant Bangle - Baby Gold Bracelet

Pendant Bangle - Baby Gold Bracelet
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First birthdays are one of the occasions that we prepare the most for because it is a way to celebrate the milestone of your baby enduring the first twelve months of his or her life. As parents, you go all out to commemorate this wondrous event. And aside from throwing your daughter a first birthday party, it comes naturally that you also buy her an equally special present.

We introduce you to our Pendant Bangle - Baby Gold Bracelet, which is made from high-quality alloy and metal materials. This pretty bracelet has been electroplated to a luxurious gold color. This lets your baby own a spectacular bracelet, but without the staggering price tag. With its strong quality of materials, this will ensure that your baby will get to wear her stunning bracelet up to her early childhood years if you take care of it properly.

In addition, this Pendant Bangle - Baby Gold Bracelet is a bangle-type bracelet that will make your daughter wear the bracelet back on her wrist in case it unexpectedly falls off. This awesome piece of jewelry has a total length of 5.31 inches and 0.24 inches in width.

Furthermore, our Pendant Bangle - Baby Gold Bracelet also has a magnificent design. This eye-catching bracelet has a design of engraved stars and sparkles on the entire length of the piece. Additionally, we have also added a golden-lined heart charm and a tiny round bell that tinkles every time your baby daughter makes a slight movement. See your daughter’s eyes light up every time she hears the ringing sound.

Give your little princess the gift that all daughters would want: a piece of treasure from their mother. Start your daughter’s jewelry collection by buying the Pendant Bangle - Baby Gold Bracelet for her!

Color Gold
Materials Alloy, Metal
Length 5.31 inches
Design and Style A bangle-type baby’s bracelet that is made from metal and alloy with an attached ball and heart charms


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