Black Skull - Men's Beaded Bracelet

Black Skull - Men's Beaded Bracelet
  • Black Skull - Men's Beaded Bracelet
  • Black Skull - Men's Beaded Bracelet
  • Black Skull - Men's Beaded Bracelet
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Are you an avid fan of skulls? Whether you want to embrace your inner punk or you just like the design, then you’ll love our Black Skull - Men's Beaded Bracelet. Feast your eyes on this simple but captivating masterpiece until it puts a spell on you and whoever lays their eyes upon it.

Skulls are commonly known to symbolize death or evil. But we do things differently here. We turned this generally misunderstood figure into an accessory that all men will love. This piece of jewelry is for any male at any age. If skulls and bracelets both have a place in his heart, you’ve found the perfect gift for him.

The design for this is both modest and elegant. Stone beads wrap around the entire accessory. A shiny black skull is fashioned at the center with two additional alloy charms on either side. Everything is neatly lined up in place with an elastic cord, which makes it suitable for all wrist sizes and effortless to put on.

If you think that this is a fun concept, then prepare to be even more delighted. The metal details remain in their glossy glory, but you can choose the beads to fit your preference and personality. We have three black options available: polished, matte, and a rustic almost cracked appearance that look like minute craters. If black is not of your presence, we also have a cloudy transparent white available. All these variants can be the finishing touch to a simple outfit or a statement piece for a formal gala.

There’s no doubt about it that skulls rule the fashion industry. The best way to flaunt your personality is to wear it. Show your love and support for these uncommon fashion pieces with our Black Skull - Men's Beaded Bracelet.

Color Black, Transparent White
Materials Pendant/Beads: Stone, Alloy
Rope: Elastic
Length 7.87 in.
Design and Style Beaded bracelet with a skull charm and other intricate metal elements


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