Rainbow Medical ID Bracelet

Rainbow Medical ID Bracelet
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When you are traveling alone while having a medical condition can be a real inconvenience. You'd be in trouble when something happened to you, and the people around would not know how to help you out. Surprisingly, this Rainbow Medical ID Bracelet is a genius creation because this bracelet has a metal plate where your medical condition and emergency contact person are engraved, which are useful if and when an emergency happens.

Our creative team of professional artisans carefully assembled this fashionable accessory by hand. Moreover, the stainless steel plate that is connected to a braided nylon string is meticulously carved giving it a high-fashion aesthetic. The accessory has a length of approximately 6.30 inches but can be adjusted up to a maximum length of 9.45 inches. The stainless steel plate included has the image of the Staff of Hermes for a more dramatic effect! The metal plate is non-toxic and hypoallergenic, which is medically safe to wear.

Additionally, this bracelet doesn't require high maintenance. All you need is apply vinegar or fresh lemon-squeezed juice. Then, brush it with an old toothbrush with soft bristles. Rinse in running water and use an absorbent towel to dry. Constantly keep this bracelet in an air-tight container. A sachet of silica gel is very helpful as it absorbs all the moisture residing inside its packaging. It's also essential for its container to be kept away from areas with high temperature and humidity. Applying a thin coat of clear nail polish also helps in protecting this bracelet from tarnishing.

So, if you want to look stylish while making your medical information and emergency contact available, then you definitely deserve this Rainbow Medical ID Bracelet. Most importantly, you can make this happen when you add this to your cart today! So, order now and make things happen!

Color Rainbow
Materials Nylon, Stainless Steel
Length 6.30 inches to 9.45 inches
Design and Style Rainbow braided wrap bracelet with a stainless steel medical ID plate

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