Red Jade Bracelet

Red Jade Bracelet
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Fire up your style! Feel hot and stunning by wearing this Red Jade Bracelet with your normal outfit! Check this accessory and learn how it can ignite you from inside and out!

Accessories are a must if you want to make sure you look voguish from head to toe! And, one of the accessories that are always on-trend and can be matched with any outfit you have in your wardrobe are jade bracelets! This Red Jade Bracelet is made of a series of round and polished red jade beads all strung together with the use of an elastic cord.

This exquisite accessory comes in four different bead sizes. The bracelet with the smallest beads that measure 0.16 inch in diameter contains 95 pieces of beads. There is also a set of 65 pieces of round jade beads that measure 0.24 inch. If large-sized beads are your thing, then go for this 46-piece set of 0.31-inch beads. In case that's not big enough, then opt for these extra-large beads that measure 0.39 inch in diameter, you can get them stacked together in a 38-piece set.

What's great about this accessory is that it can be worn as a bracelet and wrap it around your wrist a few times until it fits. And it can also be worn as a necklace, letting it hang gracefully from your neck.

Aside from making you look radiant, this accessory also has inherent healing properties. These red jade beads are believed to have the ability to help the wearer extract hidden feelings. If you have any tension or feelings which you find hard to express, this stone can help you release pent up emotions as it is also known to be a stone of life-force energy.

Let your vibrant energy flow using these astonishing red beads accentuating your look! Add this into your cart now!

Color Red
Materials Jade
Length 15.75 inches
Design and Style Bracelet with round red jade beads strung together with an elastic band


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