Reiki Prayer Stone Chakra Bracelet

Reiki Prayer Stone Chakra Bracelet
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The jewelry industry indeed continues to evolve. At this point, more and more jewelry is incorporating medicinal and healing properties, just like Reiki, which is a Japanese form of alternative practices called energy healing. It is a healing technique based on the belief that the gemstones in this bracelet can channel energy into its user. It is achieved using wearing this accessory to activate the natural healing processes of the wearer's body and restore spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.

This stunning bracelet has seven unique beads measuring 8 millimeters each. These beads are made of natural gemstones such as agate, aventurine, amethyst, tiger's eye, lapis lazuli, carnelian, and turquoise. Each of these stones has spiritual properties which make this bracelet so effective. Furthermore, the beads of this bracelet are placed on a high-quality chain made of durable platinum-plated copper. The chain has an inside perimeter of 7.68 inches and is secured by a lobster clasp at one end.

While this chakra bracelet is germ-resistant, it is still vulnerable to dirt and residues. To maintain its cleanliness, use regular, fragrance-free hand soap to clean the gemstones. On the other hand, you can use lemon or vinegar for the platinum-plated copper chain. Then, brush it using a toothbrush with soft bristles to remove all accumulated residues. Do not rinse the bracelet in running water. Wipe it with a fresh, clean towel and store in an air-tight container away from high humidity and fluctuating temperature.

If you have an upcoming event or important gathering, then it'll be the perfect accessory to complete your ensemble. Feel free to match this bracelet with any clothing! So, jump on a ride towards high-fashion with this contemporary accessory. Look captivatingly sleek, fierce, and assertive with this chakra bracelet. Order now and be on top of your game! Hurry, limited stocks only!

Color Variations of Rainbow colors
Materials Gemstones, Platinum-plated Copper
Length 7.68 inches (length)
Design and Style Beaded chakra bracelet, aesthetically pleasing, intricately designed features


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