Rose Gold Charm - Love Bracelet

Rose Gold Charm - Love Bracelet
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"Through simplicity comes great beauty" is something that comes to mind when talking about the Rose Gold Charm - Love Bracelet. If you are looking for a modest yet pretty bracelet made for women, there is no lovelier option than this!

Before you put on the Rose Gold Charm - Love Bracelet, it would be amazing to get to know some of its features. These would surely make you appreciate the bracelet wrapped around your wrist!

The Rose Gold Charm - Love Bracelet is made from a combination of different materials. The rope chain comes in a beautiful blue color. It measures about 5.31 inches. Also, it has a 1.77-inch extended chain made of Rose Gold. Situated in the center of the rope chain is a 1.5 carat Top Grade Cubic Zirconia heart charm with a Rose gold finish. This heart-shaped charm is about 0.29 inch in length. The Rose Gold plating in this bracelet is polished three times to give you that smooth mirror finish.

If you are wondering where you can wear the Rose Gold Charm - Love Bracelet, it depends on you! It is something you can wear on any occasion. You can wear it at work. You can even use it while shopping. You can also make this as a gift to another lady in your family or a close friend.

If you want to make sure that the Rose Gold Charm - Love Bracelet fits you, you can try measuring your wrist. It's actually effortless to do. All you need is to get your ever-reliable tape measure. To begin, extend your arm with your hand wide open. Get the tape measure, put it in the center of your wrist, and wrap it around. Once you are done, check the size and compare it with the length of the Rose Gold Charm - Love Bracelet.

Color Blue, Rose Gold
Materials Zinc Alloy, Crystal
Length 5.31 inches, 1.77 inches (Extended Chain)
Design and Style Blue Rope Bracelet with Cubic Zirconia heart charm and Rose Gold chain and lock



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