"Ruyi Bang" - Cuff Bracelet for Men

"Ruyi Bang" - Cuff Bracelet for Men
  • "Ruyi Bang" - Cuff Bracelet for Men
  • "Ruyi Bang" - Cuff Bracelet for Men
  • "Ruyi Bang" - Cuff Bracelet for Men
  • "Ruyi Bang" - Cuff Bracelet for Men
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If you're into ancient ornamental work like "Filigree" designs, then you are up for a treat because the "Ruyi Bang" - Cuff Bracelet for Men is the only bracelet you'll ever need!

This stylish bracelet has intricate designs that will surely make its wearer look more sophisticated. Many men and women are attracted to its design pattern as it gives a rustic feel that is easy to match with any clothing.

Professional artisans delicately crafted each of these bracelets by hand. Filigree-inspired patterns are intricately carved on both ends of these cuffs giving it a high-fashion aesthetic. It comes with a matching ring to complete the ensemble.

The bracelet and ring are both free size and can fit most wrists and ring fingers. They are made of premium-grade copper and are available in two color variants: titanium black and metallic silver. Whatever you choose, they'll definitely bring your "A" game to any parties, events, or gatherings.

Additionally, you'd be delighted that very low maintenance is required for these bracelets. You can apply fresh lemon-squeezed juice or vinegar then brush it with an old toothbrush with soft bristles. Rinse in running water and use an absorbent towel to dry.

Always store this bracelet in an air-tight container. It's essential for its container to be kept away from areas with high temperature and humidity. A sachet of silica gel is also a good idea as it absorbs all the moisture inside any container.

This bracelet is also ideal for women, and they'd make an excellent gift to men of all ages on any occasion any time of the year. There are more to these bracelets than meets the eye. So, put on a lovely dress and wear this set.

Prepare to get praised by close friends and family as you prance around with the bracelet on you. Now, hit the "buy" button and get started right!

Color Titanium Black, Metallic Silver
Materials Copper
Length Free size
Design and Style Filigree designed bracelet, aesthetically pleasing, intricately designed features


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