Seashell Ankle Bracelet

Seashell Ankle Bracelet
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Have you always loved going to the beach? If you have booked yourself a weekend vacation to the beach and have already packed your swimsuit and flip flops, what else is missing? Why don’t you buy an anklet bracelet to complete the look? Get into the beach vibe with our Seashell Ankle Bracelet!

This wrist accessory is made from nine pieces of natural shells, and a combination of tan and white cotton string. The natural shells have been strung together on the cotton string. The shells are separated from each other via the knots on the bracelet so as not to get tangled.

Moreover, our Seashell Ankle Bracelet has an adjustable string to fit any ankle size. This cool and funky bracelet can fit ankles that measure from 8.66 inches to 14.17 inches. This ankle bracelet can be given as a gift to your friend or relative that is so in love with the beaches and the water. Gift them this lovely ankle bracelet and see the look of surprise and wonder in their eyes when they open this package.

Furthermore, this Seashell Ankle Bracelet is not just for wearing to the beach. You can also wear this on your next swimming party or birthday parties held in backyard pools. Get to strut in your fun swimsuit and shorts while wearing this groovy boho-chic ankle bracelet. This is also 100% waterproof that you can wear this while swimming in the pool or walking along the beach shoreline.

You will feel the ocean breeze and the sand between your toes every time you wear this accessory. Make your friends jealous with this one of a kind jewelry! Be the coolest beach buddy on your next get-together by adding our Seashell Ankle Bracelet to your cart today!

Color Natural Shell Color
Materials Natural Shell, Cotton Strings
Length 8.66 inches to 14.17 inches
Design and Style A fun boho-style adjustable shell bracelet


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