Seven Energy Chakra Bracelet

Seven Energy Chakra Bracelet
  • Seven Energy Chakra Bracelet
  • Seven Energy Chakra Bracelet
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Positive energy is something that anyone would like to radiate around them. Apart from that, everyone would also want to own a unique accessory. Although this item is not necessarily custom-made, each piece that’s made is different from one another. The reason for that is due to the fact that all the stones used for its construction are not identical. Hence, it is possible for one to wear the accessory and proudly say that they own something unique which nobody else has.

Each stone that makes up our bracelet has a small hole in the middle where an elastic string runs through. Upon closer inspection, a grand myriad of colors may be seen. If anything, the overall vibe that’s presented is reminiscent of the stars in the cosmos. As such, wearing it will be like having the entire universe on your arm.

The stretchable nature of the item is one of its main selling points. Why so? It’s because anyone can wear it thanks to that aspect. Even those with the tiniest or largest individuals won't have any issues putting it on. All that’s needed to do so is to pull the accessory to the point where it will go around your wrist. Don’t worry about it falling off as the elastic string is durable.

Although there are no metal components that will corrode on the bracelet, the natural stones could lose their luster when exposed to moisture for prolonged periods of time. You can literally store it anywhere without worries but it should be away from direct sunlight or shouldn't be in an area where humidity is high. In addition to that, cleaning is easy as soap and water are all that’s needed for washing. Do not forget to dry the product, though, before sporting it again.

Now that you know everything about the Seven Energy Chakra Bracelet, what’s keeping you? Quit hesitating and buy it now. We guarantee that you won’t have any regrets after!

Color Multi-Colored
Materials Agate Gemstones, Elastic String
Length N/A
Design and Style A multi-colored gemstone bracelet for women that radiates positive energy


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