Shell Charms for Bracelet

Shell Charms for Bracelet
  • Shell Charms for Bracelet
  • Shell Charms for Bracelet
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Wear the beauty of seashore around your wrist with our Shell Charms for Bracelet. These pendants will show your love for the sea and adventure.

The charms are made from zinc alloy and metal carved into a shell form. Though the materials do not come from the ocean, these pendants still give you that sea vibes because of their shapes. Plus, they are sturdier than real shells, as authentic ones are generally prone to breakage.

Our Shell Charms are available in two glistening colors that add life and sophistication to your DIY accessory: antique bronze and antique silver. Choose a shade that matches the material of your chain.

Our Shell Pendants are specially made for bracelets. However, you can use it for your DIY necklaces, too! Regardless of where you want to use these charms, they will amp up not just the design of your handmade jewelry but also your style.

Cleaning these Shell Pendants for Bracelet is a breeze, though you have to consider the material used for making them. If the charm is made from zinc alloy, you have to use a non-gel toothpaste and a soft brush.

Work the paste into a lather, then rub it all over the piece with your old toothbrush. Once done, rinse it thoroughly until all the paste residues are gone.

If the charm is made from metal, mix lemon juice with cold water to remove the dirt. Doing so will keep its color and luster.

Once done, wipe the charms with a soft cloth to dry and store them in an airtight jewelry box when not in use. This will keep the elegant and lustrous look of the trinket.

Bring the beauty of shore wherever you go. Get our Shell Charms for Bracelet now!

Color Silver, Bronze
Materials Zinc Alloy, Metal
Length 0.39 inches
Design and Style Shell-shaped charm made from zinc alloy or metal


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