Silver Plated Copper Bracelet

Silver Plated Copper Bracelet
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A smile brightens your day including the people around you. They say it’s the most effective natural beauty enhancer one can ever have. Wear a smile on your face and you can wear it, too, on your wrist! With the Silver Plated Copper Bracelet, you’ll always have a smile to perk up even those gloomy days!

The Silver Plated Copper Bracelet features a ball chain with an extender, so regardless of the size of your wrist, it will surely fit. What gives this bracelet its special personality is the smile emoji charm. Everyone loves to use this emoji in their written messages because it never fails to convey cheerfulness and friendliness. Punctuate a message with a smiley emoji and the person who reads it will have a smile on her face.

The lobster clasp is easy to work when putting it on or taking it off your wrist. It’s also remarkably durable and will certainly secure the bracelet. So, you won’t have to worry it will slip off knowing that it has a reliable lock. Crafted from silver-plated copper and iron, the bracelet, though it looks delicate, is durable.

They say every bracelet charm has a story to tell. Well, this one is pretty obvious. It gives the impression that you are friendly, approachable, amiable, and lighthearted. It will never fail to draw the good kind of attention.

If you want to put a smile on a special lady’s face, this is the ideal gift. Brighten your mom’s day, cheer up your girlfriend, or put your wife in a good mood with a smile that never fades. Give her the Silver Plated Copper Bracelet, and this simple gesture of yours will go a long way.

Simple yet elegant, this bracelet is every lady’s favorite “perk-me-up” accessory. Buy now!

Color Silver
Materials Copper, Iron
Length 6.30 inches - 8.46 inches
Design and Style Chain ball bracelet with a smiley charm


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